Northern California Estate Planning Firm: Preserving Your Legacy for Future Generations


What sets our firm apart from most Estate Planning firms in Northern California is our dedication to putting the client first and our efforts to customize each case according to the unique needs of each individual client. When it comes to Estate Planning, we believe it’s impossible to create a successful plan without gaining the client’s trust and engaging in open communication to determine all aspects of the client’s life that may affect the estate plan. These aspects include family dynamics, financial status, current state of health, and the health of their loved ones. Our attorneys take a professional approach to the establishment of Wills, Trusts, Trust Administration, Health Care Directives, LGBT Planning, Powers of attorney, Elder Law, Special Needs Planning, Nursing Home Planning, Medi-Cal and Veterans Benefit planning, and anything you require or prefer for your Estate Plan.

Special Needs Planning

Parents and guardians of special needs children understand how important it is to make special preparations for their future in all aspects of their lives– from education to medical care to personal care. With the experience of our Special Needs Planning attorneys, you can organize a proper Estate Plan to specifically cater to the unique needs of your special needs child. Preparing for the long term financial requirements of caring for a special needs child is one of the most important facets of your Estate Plan, which a Special Needs Planning lawyer can help you organize to make the process as manageable as possible.

Elder Law

Elder Law encompasses those important decisions that will likely affect you in the future and should always be addressed when working with your Estate Planning attorney. These decisions will include Nursing Home Planning, Medi-Cal Planning, Veterans Benefit Planning, Disability Planning, Guardianship Planning, and so on. Again, cost is usually one of the biggest concerns, which is why our Medi-Cal and Veterans Benefit Planning attorneys can help you better manage these costs to avoid burdening your loved ones.

Nursing Home and Medi-Cal and Veterans Benefit Planning

By some estimates, it least half of all elderly individuals will spend a minimum of one year in a nursing home facility. Since the cost of just one year in these facilities can surpass the annual tuition rates at an Ivy League university, discussing this issue with your Estate Planning attorney is essential for lifting some of the burden off of your loved ones while ensuring proper care for the future. Our Medi-Cal and Veterans Benefit Planning attorneys can analyze your financial situation to determine your eligibility for federal programs offered to ease these costs.

Health Care Directives

To ensure that you are always in control of your personal health care, talk to one of our Estate Planning attorneys to establish a plan that fits your preferences for your medical future. When this information isn’t properly established – through an Advance Health Care Directive – the decision is left to the discretion of your family members, thus adding an even heavier burden on them. Prepare now to ensure your wishes are met for critical medical care decisions in the future by discussing your preferences with one of our Estate Planning attorneys.

LGBT Planning

It is imperative that members of the LGBT community establish their Estate Plans early to ensure that their assets will be properly distributed to partners and other loved ones where the state would normally deny them the right to it. Our Estate Planning attorneys understand the legal requirements members of the LGBT community must meet in order to obtain the basic estate rights inherently awarded to married heterosexual couples. This aspect of Estate Planning can also encompass Power of Attorney, Wills, Trusts, and Trust Administration.

Asset Protection and Business Planning

Taking legal steps to preserve your business is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure long term success, and our Estate Planning attorneys are here to offer advice on ensuring the most advanced protection available. Business Estate Planning helps protect your company from lawsuits, loss, and irresponsible decision making due to the lack of an established replacement. The Estate Plan encompasses aspects such as family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, buy-sell agreements, and so on.