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What sets our firm apart from most Estate Planning firms in Northern California is our dedication to putting the client first and our efforts to customize each case according to the unique needs of each individual client.

Call our office at 916-437-3500, Monday through Thursday 8-5 and Friday 8-12. Ask for our free initial telephone interview. One of our staff members will ask you some no-obligation questions to determine if our services can help you and your family.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“When meeting with Mr. Murphy we expected a lot of “legalese” but to our surprise and amazement, he spoke in normal everyday language that a layman would understand. He did not talk over our heads and was very precise and patient while explaining things to us. He ensured that all our needs were met, which was greatly appreciated. He is a very easy attorney to work with. His office staff was also very professional and pleasant to work with.”

– T.F.P.


As life expectancies continue to increase, and as advances in technology make getting older easier and more expensive, elder law is occupying an increasingly important place in the life of the average American. Not only is the aging baby boomer generation focusing more attention on this vital area of the law, but government programs such as Medi-Cal are forcing many people to grapple with legal and governmental issues they have never faced before.

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    Previous Seminar Topics:

    • 8 Deadly Mistakes: How Clients Destroy Their Estate Plans and What You Can Do About It (June 2019)
    • Beneficiary Planning: Tailoring Your Estate Plan To Meet Your Goals And Their Needs (March 2019)
    • Long Term Care Planning In A Changing World (February 2019) (March 2018) (January 2016) (July 2016)
    • The Trustee Workshop: Keeping Things In Good Order Now and In the Future (January 2019) (February 2018)
    • The New Tax Law: What It Means For You (January 2018)
    • Effective Estate Planning Strategies: What You Need to Know” (Dante Club, May 2018)
    • “Taking Care of Business: Planning Guide and Resources for Older Adults” (Carmichael Presbyterian Church, May 2017)
    • “The Care and Feeding of Your Living Trust: Keeping It Up To Date” (January 2016) (September 2017)
    • “Protecting Your Retirement Accounts from Excess Taxes, Penalties and Problems Now and in the Future” (January 2016) (January 2017)
    • New President, New Tax Laws? (January 2017)
    • The Trustee Workshop: How to Make Sure Your Trust Works When You Need It (August 2016)
    • Estate Planning Workshop (March 2016)

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